Thursday, December 23, 2004

Prime tableaux

Tableau encodings to 2100:

(ON bits are composite)


0210: 60.54.0D.87.30.A8.9A

0420: 48.86.98.CF.34.34.23

0630: 44.65.5A.A9.19.B6.42

0840: E1.87.9A.

1050: 4B.84.AB.CD.55.64.3A

1260: F0.06.3F.D5.7A.E0.8B

1470: 40.DD.

1680: E2.CD.2B.A3.5D.77.02

1890: D5.CE.7C.A1.32.EC.C2

[4-bit must be ON 8-bit must be ON 1-bit must be ON 2-bit must be ON]

Each tableau of length 30 is encoded by two decimal digits, where an on bit in each digit means that the associated number is composite:

First digit: 30n+1 30n+7 30n+11 30n+13
Second digit: 30n+17 30n+19 30n+23 30n+29

The colored digits above are characters where one of the bits is pre-determined due to a multiple of 7